The Mushroom Message this Summer

The Mushroom Message this Summer


We've arrived at the much anticipated advent of the beginning of summer and with it brings a whirlwind of energy and movement. Naturally, warmer weather brings longer days which propels more activity; we have certainly felt this rush of energy in our office and at our farm. We're so excited about this shift, as it's helping us charge our business goals, but we are also aware of the adjustments needed that will help support the transition from seasons. 

Remembering that we, too, are creatures of the earth that respond to environmental changes, our team turns to the wisdom from the other animal and plant kingdoms that roam this land with us. Humans have a tendency to get stuck in patterns of rigid black-and-white thinking. This can manifest as rigidity of schedules, thoughts, or habits (even when they begin to feel forced), and harboring fear of what would happen if we were to stray from those structures. 

Nature has no such limitations of thought. Nature surrenders to the subtle energies that guide change and growth and has full faith in that process, no matter if it is familiar or feels like uncharted terrain. 

So what does this have to do with mushrooms? One of the messages that our team is tuning into this month is surrendering control and trusting the process. Healing looks different for everybody because we are all so unique. Only you know your own body so only you can listen to and feel the feedback you're receiving - intuition is a muscle that needs to be exercised like any other! Medicinal mushrooms help strengthen the connection to your inner self, so your gut instincts are presented with more clarity. 

Quoting Anna Tsing's The Mushroom at The End of The World, we remember that: 

"the mushroom is a humble teacher, reminding us to be patient & observant, to listen and learn from the wisdom of the natural world."

This summer, we are reminding ourselves to have patience and grace with our bodies. There's so much happening on a deep cellular level that we're unaware of, and that's the plane that we work with when we take medicinal mushrooms. 

We wish everyone warm blessings for these next few weeks, and can't wait to share what we're working on this summer! We have much gratitude and appreciation for our customers and supporters and are so honored that you've accepted our mighty medicinal mushrooms into your life. 


The GO Mushrooms Team 

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