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Each person is unique in how their bodies will respond to the tinctures, as well as finding the combination of tinctures that work best for their body.

Check out our customer reviews to help guide you towards finding which tinctures would best support your health intentions.

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I Thought It Was In My Head!

I have to say that I accidentally found your Super Mushroom product in a cafe in Catskill, NY. I was in so much hip pain that it was hard to walk without limping. I bought my coffee, put a dropper full of my new purchase into my coffee. I get in my car, drank my coffee and decided to go to the farmers market. When I got out of the car, I walked with a lot more ease. My pain level was down by about 80%. I thought it was a fluke or in my head. I took the tincture religiously till I finished the bottle (I was 100% pain free and able to walk about) and I also shared a few droppers with a couple of coworkers who also experienced what I did. I have been without (I ran out) the tincture for 2 weeks and I’m still just now starting to feel some pain. My thought processes were clear as well.

I DO Feel the Difference

I found GO Mushrooms at Ramsey Farmers Market. First of all, they have the most amazing mushrooms I’ve seen outside of fancy Manhattan restaurants. They also sell the mushroom tinctures, which is where it’s really at! I have been taking the the lions mane and reishi together every day for the past two weeks, and I DO feel the difference. My mental aptitude has certainly improved, memories come easier, and my overall mood has been more positive. Highly recommend it if you are looking for natural ways to improve your life…….

Great product

Big Fan!

I can’t say enough good things about the go mushrooms tinctures! I add them in the morning to my supplement drink . I use lions mane for anti inflammatory purposes. I have struggled with acid reflux for years and I have noticed a significant reduction in my inflammation. In a time when it feels like people are getting sick constantly.- I have not been sick in two years! I feel like my immune system is at its strongest because of these tinctures. Thanks y’all!

A Customer for Life

I’ll admit I was a skeptic. I’m in better-than-average shape for a man my age (50-something), exercise regularly, and refuse to be complacent about getting older. I take quite a few supplements, all of which are supposed to improve the quality of my life and health. Staying active and taking these supplements feels like an investment in my future quality of life, but to be honest there’s no dramatically noticeable or instantaneous return on all of those pills swallowed.

Enter Go Mushrooms. A good friend recommended I try their Lion’s Mane tincture, and after about two weeks I couldn’t deny that my overall energy and state of mind seemed to be improved. I then added a bottle of Cordyceps to my routine, and quickly started to notice changes to both my libido and (most shockingly) my “stamina”. I had no idea that it’s been used as a Chinese medicinal remedy for 1500+ years, or that it’s been referred in other cultures to as “Himalayan Viagra”. Now I know why.

Since then it’s become a regular part of my self-wellness routine, and I’ve become a bit of an evangelist for Go Mushrooms with all of my male friends. While it’s supposedly beneficial for many other uses (including heart health, exercise performance, and even anti-aging), I’m a customer for life now that I’ve experienced the benefits it provides for “athletic” activities of a more intimate nature. Go Mushrooms indeed!

What an Amazing Difference!

I have been taking the tinctures for a few months now and wow what an amazing difference. I feel clear minded and energized. Will definitely continue ordering and taking these tinctures on a daily basis. Thank you


The tinctures are working fantastic for me. I am taking Lion’s Mane, Maitake, Reishi and Cordyceps. I am pretty amazed, took them just to try because I was curious and they are really working.

Perhaps you notice it like on your third week because your improvement is still there so you realize is not an illusion. I am feeling much more positive, stronger to solve things and happier. I feel very energetic, also I think my blood circulation has improved.

My journeys are long, they include work and taking care of three children, 92 year old mother, two pets and a house. The tinctures make me feel super well and balanced. I am very thankful.

Eva Baro, Barcelona, Spain.

These Tinctures Are Wonderful

I began taking Reishi along with hemp CBD with peppermint oil after ovarian cancer surgery and took it periodically during the 6 month sessions of Chemo. The nurses and the oncologist team strongly supported using Mushroom tinctures to support my body . Post chemo, I continue to take Reishi as a daily tincture and have switched to Maitake and Lions Mane of late. Lions Mane definitely helps with mental clarity and Maitake just seems to boost my energy. I have no doubt that the tinctures assisted in my healing. Cancer antigens indicate no inflammation and I am in remission. I will keep up the work using these tinctures. GoMushrooms tinctures are wonderful.

More Clear Minded

It's been about three weeks since I've been using GO Mushrooms tinctures on a regular basis. I can say with full certainty that these are effective in maintaining my mood, boosting my energy, and helping me stay more clear minded. I've found immediate results especially with the Lion's Mane and Cordyceps combo - I like to take these in the morning to help start my day and I can't recommend this amazing company enough !!!

A Phenomenal Experience

A day after an intense workout, and after the soreness, your muscles feel more “full”. Lion’s Mane gives me the same feeling but in and around my head, like my brain had a moderately intense session of exercise. It’s a rather nice feeling overall, certainly one that I wasn’t expecting.

I also notice that writing, working, and generally thinking become much easier. I find that I spend less time getting distracted, and it’s much easier for me to pull myself away from things like Youtube videos to get work done. Overall it’s been a phenomenal experience. I’ll be sure to add more Tincture (and try others!) next time!

Jeremiah V
More Sustained Energy

I've been taking the Reishi supplement everyday for a few months now and it has made a big difference. My sleep is more consistent, and I have more sustained energy throughout the day. My gut health feels more stabilized. Great product, I don't mind the taste but if you do just add it to your coffee or water.

Improvement in Memory

In only a few weeks, I've noticed a change in my cognitive functioning; my memory is improving and I feel sharper! Excited to continue with this tincture and try the rest.

John Burbank
Not on the fence about Mushrooms anymore

Taking Chaga & Reishi twice a day. Reduction in pain as well as serious reduction in weight. Not on the fence about Mushrooms
anymore. Looking forward to see final results. Thank you !

Thank You For Everything!

Your tinctures have made a world of difference to me. My reliance on Excedrin is gone (as long as I’m diligent in my dosage). I am no longer waking up with headaches and the headaches I do get are so much more infrequent.

I plan on trying your other products to see how else you can improve my life.

Thank you for everything!

All I can say is "Wow!"

I recently bought my first bottle of the GoMushrooms Lion's Mane Tincture and all I can say is "Wow!" I was blown away by the focus and mental clarity it provided from the very first time I tried it. I love using the tincture in the morning either before work or physical training! As someone who works incredibly long hours, and being a dedicated Muay Thai Kickboxing practitioner, the Lion's Mane Tincture is something that I felt gave me a mental edge to be on my game when others would be lazy or unfocused! GoMushrooms has a return customer for sure!

Felt Better Than I have in Years

I recently had Gallbladder surgery and came down with Shingles around the same time. After consulting with Go Mushrooms, I decided that the Reishi and Lions Mane tinctures would suit my health goals perfectly.

I decided to take the tinctures twice a day, and I noticed very quickly that my mood and energy had improved. The brain fog I had was gone. I felt better than I had in years. I slept better too.

I also have suffered from sciatica since childhood. I recently went to my chiropractor and he checked me and said I didn't need to be adjusted. I also didn't need to go on his decompression machine. He has been working on my back for over 40 years. We both were surprised. I even asked him to check again. Sure enough I was in great shape!!!

I have to say I was astonished. I plan to continue with these mushroom tinctures and will share this with my family. It really seemed like a miracle but Nature is the best medicine! I am learning more and more about the power of mushrooms.

Decrease in Inflammation

I was never a believer in the use of tinctures. I have always worked in the area of allopathic medicine. Having significant arthritis pain in both of my hands I decided to try something different than the usual over the counter medicines. I consulted with Go Mushrooms and they introduced me to their Reishi tincture. I was only using 1/2 of a dropper under my tongue every morning, as I did not have have a lot of confidence that this would help. I realized that after a couple of weeks using the tincture, that I had a marked improvement in the discomfort on my hands. After consulting with Go Mushrooms again, I was told that I have been using only half the recommended amount and should increase my dose to 1/2 a dropper of the tincture once in the morning and once at night. Well, it’s working. The Reishi tincture has seemed to decrease inflammation and increased my over all feeling of well being.

Huge Help for Brain Fog & Stress

I have been taking both Lion’s Mane and Reishi tinctures from Go Mushrooms for about 5 months.

I have found that the Lion’s Mane tincture greatly helps with early morning brain fog - so much so that I’ve been able to cut back from three cups of coffee to one. In the five months that I have been taking Lion's Mane, the main benefits that I have noticed are that I have more mental clarity and less day-to-day fatigue.

The Reishi tincture has also been a huge help, especially with managing my stress levels and physical inflammation after a recent knee surgery.

These tinctures sure are some powerful stuff!

This is Good Stuff.

I have always been a bit forgetful when working around the house. I will take a screwdriver with me to work on different things and then forget where I left it. I've been taking Lion's Mane for several weeks now and find my recall is greatly improved. This is good stuff.

Lauren G.

I’ve taken many tinctures over the years for chronic issues. The first time I took Go Mushrooms Reishi I knew this was powerful!! I’ve been taking them for about 6 months and they have become a regular part of my daily routine.

Cumulative Effect and Benefits

My primary issues are nervous system related and these often flare up during times of stress. This past summer I went through a number of overwhelming stressful events and found I was able to face everything calmly without the tension that would normally accumulate during periods of prolonged stress.

I tell everyone that the benefits of mushroom tinctures are subtle. For example, you may experience that it’s easier to breathe. Life doesn’t feel as overwhelming. Muscles aren’t as tight. Stress related nerve pain isn’t as prolonged. Immune system is staying strong. I have experienced all of these and believe this is due to the cumulative benefit of taking Go Mushroom Tinctures regularly.

Mental Clarity

I have been using the Go Mushrooms Reishi Tincture as an aid to keep calm, collected, and focused during travel. I find that the Reishi helps me to cope with the stresses of being on the move and it has become a part of my daily wellness routine. I’m excited to try other Go Mushroom tinctures like Lion’s Mane. These mushroom tinctures have truly been a revelation for my daily flow and mental clarity.

Already Feeling the Benefits!

I have been taking Go Mushrooms Lion's Mane and Reishi tinctures for two weeks, and I am already feeling the benefits! I am less stressed, I have more focus for work, and my seasonal allergies are a lot more tame. I am a big believer in the power of these adaptogenic tinctures. Thank you Go Mushrooms!

Leslie B.
Full Night's Sleep

I have been using the tincture of Reishi mushrooms that you sell for about a month now. Part of the reason I started using your tincture was because my sleep has been a bit of an issue. 6 hours was more the norm and not satisfying. I have noticed that on more than a few occasions lately I have been getting 8 hours and it so very helpful to sleep a full night. I might also add that it seems to help me focus and handle stress without getting so wound up. Keep up the good work.