Take A Trip To Our Farm

Take A Trip To Our Farm

More Than Medicinals!

Did you know that we grow most of our own mushrooms? GO Mushrooms is the sister company of Tivoli Mushrooms, a premier mushroom farm that cultivates gourmet & specialty mushrooms. 

The quality of our mushroom lends to the mightiness of our tinctures. With our tinctures, you can trust that you're getting sustainably grown, locally sourced, & potent products. 

Come with us and we'll show you a bit of where the magic happens!

Located in Hillsdale, NY, our 15,000 sq. ft farm was designed specifically for large-scale mushroom farming. All of the production is done in-houseThis includes formulating, sterilizing, pasteurizing and inoculating mushroom substrate.

Doesn't it feel good knowing where the things you're putting in your body come from?

We think so too! That's why GO Mushrooms tinctures are so powerful - we are putting our energy into production every step of the way. From cultivation to extraction right down to packing and shipping. 


Pictured above is:

  1. Bags of substrate as they prepare for the mycelium to colonize and spread
  2. Devon loading substrate material into one of our nifty mixers
  3. Fruiting bodies of lion's mane mushrooms as they sprout from their bags 

Reverence for the Source

Although our small team comes from all types of different backgrounds, one thing we have in common is our respect and reverence for the fungi that we work with. We all acknowledge that we are working with living organisms which require delicacy, respect, and patience. 

Mushrooms have so much to offer us beyond their incredible health potential: they can teach us how to adapt, how to pull life and nutrients from what could be considered waste, and how to communicate and support each other through shared networks. 

We extend our gratitude to our customers who have welcomed us to share the wisdom and power of these amazing mushrooms into their lives, and who continue to support us as we grow.  

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